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Call for Articles

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Larp Politics – Politics have always gone hand in hand with larp. Whether games portray politics, or internal politics have defined the deep structures of larps, there have always been games that have discussed and been shaped by political thoughts and realities. The political Solmubook will contain articles that discuss theories, instances, and the implementation of interfaces between politics and games.

Larp Realia – Each year, the Knutebooks have been in discussion with their earlier reincarnations. New games have sparked new thoughts and theories, and new interpretations of old games have helped us reflect on the development of the scene. Examining and re-examining our theories and interpretations of games have led to a vivid evolution of larp. The general Solmubook will proudly continue the tradition and join the discourse of reimagining the scene.


Mika Loponen, Jukka Särkijärvi and Kaisa Kangas


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