AWiF 2016 Locations

Underneath, you can see the locations used during AWiF 2016.

Google maps of the locations here.

Harjun nuorisotalo (HQ)

  • Address: Aleksis Kiven Katu 1, Helsinki
  • Map:
  • What happens here?
    • Hang around
    • Meeting point
    • Board games
    • Saturday Polygon Black concert

AWiF HQ and gathering point is the Harjun Nuorisotalo Youth Center an old Morgue in the hip part of Helsinki. It's really easy to access from all sides with multiple buses, trams and the metro and close to the centre.

The HQ has kitchen facilities for you to use, a theatre stage, lights and AV setup which we can use. And we will, for example on Saturday when Polygon Black band performs for us a live set of Metal covers of computer game soundtracks free of charge for AWiF participants.

While this is an alcohol free venue we are in the hearth of the party district of Helsinki and literally across the road you can find 1 bar, cafes, Chinese take away and with only a 5 minute walk you have dozens of other options.

Ida Aalbergin sauna

  • Address: Ida Aalbergintie 1, Helsinki, Helsinki
  • Map:
  • What happens here?
    • Friday Finnish Deep (Sub)mersion + Island Profile Spotting Workshop and sauna party

Rooftop sauna Sivistys


Arabia campus of Aalto University

  • Address: Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki
  • Map:
  • What happens here?
    • Edularp Conference Helsinki 2016, Tuesday 8th
    • Nordic Larp Talks, Tuesday 8th

Amos Anderson Art Museum

Museum of Technology

Kuvataideakatemia's Bomb Shelter

Museum of Civil Defence