The ship: M/S Silja Symphony

Get to know the cruise ship M/S Silja Symphony here:

Pictures of the ship:

Cruise schedule

  • The Solmukohta check in on Wednesday in Helsinki: 14.00 local time.
  • The Solmukohta check in on Thursday in Stockholm: 14.00 local time.
    • The ship will not wait, if you are late.

The ship or the check in crew will not wait, if you are late.

  • The Solmukohta Cruise ends:
    • Sunday in Helsinki at 14:00
  • Ship is in the harbour
    • in Helsinki on Sunday 10:30
    • in Sweden on Monday 9:45
  • Buffet Breakfast every day from 07:00 to 09:30
  • Buffet Dinner are every day from 17:00 to 19:00

Solmukohta program will be updated later to the website.

Practical to know

WiFi onboard

Free WiFi connection provided on board:
in Conference area, Cafe Orient, Bistro Maxime, Atlantis Palace, Casino bar, Promenade bar, Old Port Pub, and Commodore Lounge.

Satellite connection during voyage is occasionally slow.

Payment methods on board

On the ship you can pay with euros (EUR), Swedish kroner (SEK), with most credit cards.

There is an ATM onboard.

The ship deck summary

  • Deck 14: Helicopter deck
  • Deck 13: Night club: New York Club & Lounge, the bridge
  • Deck 12: Sunflower Oasis, Salon Symphony, Moonlight Promenade, Sun Deck
  • Deck 11: A-, B-, Promenade-, Deluxe-, Family-, Commodore- and Executive Suite -class cabins
  • Deck 10: A-, B-, Promenade- and Commodore-class cabins
  • Deck 9: A-, B-, Promenade- and Junior Suite -class cabins
  • Deck 8: A-, B- and Promenade-class cabins, Atlantis Palace (upstairs), bar
  • Deck 7: Promenade: ship’s information, Mundo, Bon Vivant, Happy Lobster, El Capitan, Sushi & Co., Old Port Pub, Promenade Bar, Bon Vivant Wine Bar, Just Bar, casino, Atlantis Palace, Luxury, Fashion, Gifts, Kids & Toys, Electronics, Bon Vivant Wine shop, Photo Desk, out deck
  • Deck 6: Tax free shop, Tavolàta Ristorante Italiano, Grande Buffet, Conference deck
  • Deck 5: A-, B- and Driver’s-class cabins Club, personnel area, children play land Silja Land, Spice Ice ice cream kiosk
  • Deck 4: Car deck
  • Deck 3: Car deck
  • Deck 2: C-class cabins, personnel area and engine room
  • Deck 1: Engine rooms and other technical rooms