Would you like to contribute to the program of Solmukohta 2016? You can suggest both full-fledged program items and tentative ideas to be further developed. We warmly welcome your program idea whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Solmukohta veteran!

Theme for the program: Reality check

For the 20th time this event is bringing together great minds of the Nordic Larp community to exchange ideas. It is time to stop, look back and see what we have created. Where has the small gathering that started in Norway in 1997 taken us? What kind of culture have we created by exchanging ideas across the Nordic countries and beyond?

It is time to gaze to the future and see where all this is taking us, as a community, as an educational tool and as an art form.

What kinds of program are we looking for?


Talks are for presenting your ideas, experiences or design choices, and having a discussion with the Solmukohta audience. Recommended length for talks is either 30 or 90 minutes, plus 15 minutes for discussion with the audience.

Panel discussions

Do you want to discuss some hot topic with other larpers from around the world? You can either suggest panelists yourself, or ask us for help in finding other people who are pondering the same issues. Recommended length for a panel discussion is from 45 to 105 minutes.


Workshops are often the best way for presenting your design choices or testing new ideas. Let people learn by doing and experience your design themselves. Recommended workshop length is from 45 to 105 minutes.


Do you have a game you would like to present to international audience, or maybe you'd like to receive feedback from other larpers and game designers? We are primarily looking for games that can be run in a single room in a maximum of 2.5 hours. There will be some space for longer games as well, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a game that requires more time. We will have a black box with sound and lighting equipment available.

Social events

Want to organise a ritual, dance party, or maybe a morning workout? We are particularly looking for social program items that are accessible to anybody in the Solmukohta audience.

Program tracks

The program will be divided into five different program tracks that are a way for people to find the program they are interested in. When offering a program item, you are asked to specify which track(s) your program item would fit into.

Our tracks are following:

  • Edularp
  • Academic
  • Games & workshops
  • Game design
  • Social & networking

What do we offer to you?

We want you to make as good program item as possible by providing you with help and feedback throughout the program development process. We will have designated program coaches who can support you on making your design choices, slides or schedules.

We will make program materials like slides or links accessible to the participants. We will also try to document and publish some of the program items in video format.

Submitting your program idea

Every room in the cruise ship's conference deck has a projector. We can arrange a possibility to play audio to every room. Let us know, if you think you need to play audio, and we make sure, there will be equipment for that.

Send us your program idea here:


The deadline for program submissions is 17 January 2016. We encourage to send your program idea earlier so there will be time for development.

Contact info

The Solmukohta 2016 Program Team: Hannu Niemi & Olli Lönnberg

If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to contact us via email: