A Week In Finland

A Week In Finland is an event preceding Solmukohta. It is an event for those Solmukohta participants who want to get to know the local larp scene or get a tour around Helsinki's culture and famous sightseeing sites. A Week in Finland is also an opportunity to get an early start to Solmukohta with the edu-larp event.


In and around Helsinki


4th to 9th of March 2016


  • Larps
  • Sightseeing
  • Nordic Larp Talks
  • Book launch
  • Edu-larp event hosted by Jori Pitkänen and Maija Korhonen.
  • Parties


All participants to Solmukohta


There will be an entire section of this webpage dedicated to A Week In Finland latest 3 months before Solmukohta.
Some activities will be free others will have a small participation fee. There will be a possibility to do couch surfing with local larpers.


The A Week organiser is José Jácome. For now you can contact him trough: