The Nordic role-playing conference Solmukohta is held annually in one of the Nordic countries. In 2016 it will be held in Finland.

Solmukohta is the main venue of cooperation and culture exchange between Nordic roleplaying gamers. The lectures, discussions, panels and workshops are a goldmine for creating new ideas about gaming and game organizing.

Participant list

When we have received you payment, we will either:


  • send you an email, if you wished to be anonymous.


The Solmukohta Cruise will take place on a Tallink Silja cruise ship from
Wednesday the 9th to Monday the 14th of March.

The cruise ship takes off from Helsinki on the Wednesday afternoon 9th of March and hosts the last night of a Week in Finland.

Solmukohta 2016 will start Thursday afternoon as the cruise ship sails from Stockholm.
Solmukohta 2016 ends Sunday afternoon in Helsinki.

You can choose to hop on board from Helsinki on Wednesday the 9th of March (and end your cruise on Sunday the 13th of March in Helsinki)
from Stockholm on Thursday the 10th of March (and end your cruise on Monday morning, the 14th of March, in Stockholm).


We will cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm on Tallink Silja cruise ship.

The Tallink Silja cruise ship sails between the two Nordic capitals from late afternoon to early morning and docks in the harbour in Helsinki or Stockholm during the day.

The cruise ship accommodates more than 2000 passengers in almost 1000 cabins, with bathrooms in every cabin. There is plenty of room for Solmukohta.
The ship has cabins available for special needs, for example for participants in wheelchair.

The ship has a wide promenade with shops, bars and restaurants for every taste. When sailing, the tax free shop sells its goods for onboard consumption and to take home.

The saunas and the biggest jacuzzi in the Nordics offer a pleasant view over the archipelagos.

The conference deck is well equipped and used to service bigger conferences than Solmukohta.

Pictures of the cruise ship: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8rdhu0migorrf7k/AADbyuO5hyKmcvOdJtYVjOHLa?dl=0