THEME: Reality Check

Solmukohta 2016 is the 20th Solmukohta / Knutepunkt / Knutpunkt / Knudepunkt.

For the 20th time this event is bringing together great minds of the Nordic Larp community to exchange ideas.

It is time to stop, look back and see what we have created. Where has the small gathering that started in Norway in 1997 taken us? What kind of culture have we created by exchanging ideas cross the Nordic countries and beyond?

It is time to gaze to the future and see where all this is taking us, as a community, as an educational tool and as an art form.

We think that Solmukohta as an event has grown up

We want to organise Solmukohta 2016 as professionally as we can.

We want the participants to concentrate on exchanging ideas, creating new ideas and networking without worries of the practical sides of the event - like accommodation, location or meals.


The program will explore the theme of the conference and beyond.

The call for program will be published early October.


There will be a social program at Solmukohta 2016 in the form of parties, meet-ups, hangouts and other forms of interaction that let the participants network, exchange ideas, create and relax.


We aim to keep the standard ticket price at around 140EUR.