January 2016 - update #1

Cabins running out

Promenade-class cabins on the cruise starting from Helsinki have all but run out.

If you're planning to be 1-3 persons in your cabins, we'd like to place you in a cabin with less than 4 beds. Their size is the same. If we haven't contacted you already, please drop us a line at info@solmukohta.org.

Signups for Exclusive cabins will end on January 13th. This means the cabins above Class A.

Problematic signups: Sharing rooms

Please note: If you selected a "Place me in the following cabin class" ticket option, you can safely ignore this bit. =)

In all other cases, if your cabin mates are not all boarding from the same city, please contact us immediately at info@solmukohta.org

This isn't really possible as it would leave somebody without a place to sleep, either in the beginning or end of their cruise.

Program deadline

Submit your program item before January 17th. Read the Call for Program here: http://solmukohta.org/index.php/Program/CfP

We've got a boatload (ha, ha) of good stuff, but we've also got the whole conference deck. Please don't be shy!


If you find out that you can't make it to Solmukohta after all, please inform us as soon as possible. We handle cancellations on a case by case until the 1st of February 2016.

After 1st of February, we can not refund tickets in any circumstances.

If you find out that you cannot make it after the 1st of February 2016, let us know anyway, as maritime law requires us to list which of our participants are on board.

Remember to pay before 1st of February

You have signed up for Solmukohta, but we haven't seen your payment yet.

Solmukohta 2016 sign up closes on 1st of February 2016. This means that your payment needs to leave your bank account/credit card latest on the 1st of February. We take into account that it takes a few days for the transfer.

If you have not paid, you don't have a ticket. If you're the one paying for the cabin, also your cabin mates don't have tickets.

When we have received you payment, we will either:


  • send you an email if you wished to be anonymous.

Please also note that updating the participant list is a manual process. We check payments roughly once per week. If you have paid your signup recently, thank you very much!

If you have paid and think that something might have gone wrong, or that we should have your payment registered already, please contact us.


The Solmukohta crew

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