The sign up to Solmukohta 2016 closes on 1st of February. After that we will finish sorting participants into cabins.

If you (or one of your wished cabin mates) have bought a whole cabin, you will be sorted to the same cabin. If there are any problems, we will contact you.

If you have chosen to be placed in a cabin class of your choice, we will do our best to sort you according to your wishes.

The rest of this update is mostly about about A Week in Finland.

A Week in Finland

The event approaches and AWiF's program starts crystallizing. You can read about it in more detail on our website, but here's a little sneak peek to some of the items:

Come and experience the first larp from White Wolf Publishing

End of the Line is a vampire larp designed from the ground up to utilize the best elements from Nordic Larp, to give you an intense personal experience. You will be cast as either one of the Kindred or a mortal and step into a World of Darkness that just might be the world we already live in.

Read more here and at our Facebook page.

  • Date: Monday March 7th, from 17.30 – 00:30
  • Location: Lapinlahti, Lapinlahdentie 2, 00180 Helsinki.
  • Price: EUR 25,- Sign up will open February 1st.

Edularp Conference Helsinki 2016

Edularp Conference Helsinki 2016 is annual edularp conference, and part of the AWiF program. The program consists of edularps, panels, lightning talks and workshops. If you are interested in edularps and applications of larps in education, welcome!

Finnish Deep (Sub)mersion + Island Profile Spotting Workshop

(Sauna party)

The one-day course will include subtopics like "Swim towards the light" and "Island Profile Recognition", wherein we learn the importance of shortest path first routing. Both courses feature darktime environments and use, for example, cutout shapes of deserted islands in the Finnish-Swedish archipelago.

Before and after the workshop, we will enjoy the well known Finnish sauna party environment.

  • Date: Friday March 4th, 17.00 ->
  • Location: Ida Aalbergin sauna, Ida Aalbergintie 1, Helsinki

Read more about AWiF here: http://solmukohta.org/index.php/AWiF/Program
We update AWiF program frequently, when we get more confirmed program.

Sign up for AWiF host and accommodation

We aim to offer accommodation to AWiF participants on Finnish larpers' couches. This form of Nordic Larp couch surfing has created new friendships in the past - and shown the city of the Week in new light for the participants. You can sign up as a host or for place to stay by following the links below.

Call for hosts: http://goo.gl/forms/cQrI1MC8yI

Call for accommodation: http://goo.gl/forms/MdRWQH0RZr

SK2016 Program coming along nicely

Our program team is happy to announce that we have more than 110 program items lining up.

We are expecting to have the program online mid February.

Practical information about Solmukohta 2016

  • Dates: 9th to 14th of March 2016
  • Location: Tallink Silja cruise ship between Helsinki and Stockholm
  • AWiF dates: 4th to 9th of March 2016
  • Helsinki cruise: 9th to 13th of March(Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki)
  • Stockholm cruise: 10th to 14th of March(Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm)
  • Solmukohta program items: 10th to 13th of March

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We will collect frequently asked questions and answers here: http://solmukohta.org/index.php/Practical/FAQ


You can contact us at info@solmukohta.org or via other channels:

  • Solmukohta website: solmukohta.org
  • Solmukohta 2016 Twitter @solmukohta2016
  • Solmukohta 2016 Facebook fb.com/solmukohta2016
  • Solmukohta 2016 official hashtag: #solmukohta2016
  • Solmukohta 2016 Laivforum: http://laivforum.net/forums/knutepunkt.14/


The Solmukohta crew

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